Monday, January 02, 2006

A Full Day of Exploiting

All this settling in and job searching has kept me from posting much lately, but don't fret my darlings because all that's about to change. Austin in the winter is my new favorite place with it's 75 degree days and wildly colorful sunsets. While basking in the new year sun I'm debating which hip Austin bar to offer my bartending skills, or more accurately, in which bar do I plead for a job while waiting for some freelance gigs to start rolling in. My question then is, with little knowledge of this city, which is the right bar for me? I'm a little fearful of getting into the wrong place. And by wrong I mean stumbling into the possibly one unhip place in all of Austin that has a washed up redneck or homophobe problem. Suggestions?

In the meantime, what is up with these damn puritans and their sin taxes? Don't know how to elect competent officials? Just impose another sin tax. Need a little boost in the federal budget? Choose any number of sinful activities, i.e. drinking, smoking, gambling, running any business that is somehow related to "sinning", and place yet another special tax on the already numerous reserved for these unholy acts. I'm really quite surprised this civil union/gay marriage issue has escaped the exploits of these chosen-by-god capitalists. The special taxing possibilities are endless when it comes to the queers. Just look at the licensing needs for the street fairs, dance clubs and and sex shops. Corporate America has not missed this opportunity to make a buck with prurient advertising and Bud Light sponsored Gay Pride events. For fuck's sake, there's a cable channel devoted to everything gay and lesbian and the corporate ad space that loves their queer money! Why on god's green capitalist earth would this opportunity be overlooked by the U.S. government? If full and equal rights are going to be denied on the basis that it is not justified in the eyes of some mythical man in the sky, then why not create special taxes to be placed on queer events, companies that appeal to a specifically queer audience, businesses that choose to employ one of these aberrant semi-citizens. I'm just saying that under the present standard it seems odd to write this part of the population out of the constitution with all the hoopla (hoopla=PR=$$) and not make a few bucks on the way. Government isn't about to give up the revenue from alcohol sales and return to the Prohibition Act even if at one time the god standard was even farther to the right. Can we not be equally sin taxed as well? Who was nodding off in the special taxes meeting?


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