Saturday, January 07, 2006

Preparing for the Hajj?

Once again the religious communities show that policing women's behavior is the only way to go. A woman cannot be bleeding or unaccompanied by a male amongst other god-crazed guidelines that are particular to women who wish to make the holy trek to Mecca. The hajj officially begins on Monday and will bring Muslims from countries all over the world to pay their duty to Allah. Women need to wake up and stop taking this bullshit disguised as religious faith and name these misogynistic acts for what they are- Muslim, Christian, Jewish or otherwise. This is not faith, it is a brutish will to control, and by participating one acknowledges that the dominant body has the right to determine what rights women will and will not have. Does a woman on her period somehow compromise the faith of others? Will she pass on her uncleanliness? Does a woman traveling without the aid of a man threaten her dependency? Or is it just too much of a temptation for a man to take advantage of her? Where in the hajj rituals does it name limitations specific to men- other than their interactions with women? Limit the access to information and you'll have an army of faithful servants blindly following the interpretations of the "words of God". This is no new trick- it's been going on forever. Dubya sure has benefited and he's doesn't think much about Allah. These are simple-minded ideas that have a disproportionate reach and keep us from evolving into better, more equality-driven people. There's not a lot of incentive when it takes away power from some and benefits only half of the world population. If there is to be any change it's up to that half.


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