Monday, February 20, 2006

Vote on This!

Democracy, despite its supposed glory and the U.S.' zealous proselytizing, seems to lack a basic ethic of equality. In a majority vote, an issue is left to the whims of the common citizen, or let's say, your next door neighbor and his buddies. Now, if you're outnumbered by the next door neighbor and his buddies, and they all agree that the Bible is absolute truth, then that would be the governing rule in a democracy. Wise to the shortcomings of that system alone, the U.S. determined this particular democracy would operate within a republic, understanding the need for some fundamental guidelines and basic rights of its citizens. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has turned to threaten that guarantee, in turn sending a message that every godbag* and his dog's opinion actually matters. People seem to think that whether a fickle assessment or deep-seated religious conviction, they have a right to vote on all matters including those that have no place for a majority rule.

In this point I find it difficult to agree with a system that leaves this amount of power in the hands of our present fractional majority of Jesus-freak capitalists that just aren't ready to see oh, I don't know, women and the gay community given equal rights. I personally don't give a fuck if this part of the culture is not ready for a gay American woman to have the same rights a straight American man appreciates, but that's just my opinion. However, queer people are being methodically written out of the constitution, and half the population are subject to state government rulings determining the actions one must legally take when faced with the highly personal issue of pregnancy. Criminalizing the choice of carrying a fetus to term is not only an absurd encroachment of one's personal freedom and free will, but an absolute violation of the rights outlined in our Bill of Rights. So, you believe the fetus is a little person or you think it's simply a mass of cells--either view is completely irrelevant unless it's attached to your physical person!

On a personal note, I have a god-crazy uncle who, although knows nothing of my life, believes I live some abhorrent lifestyle. He chooses to send letters informing me of this when the holidays roll around, or when he is feeling particularly moved. I find it strange that although I've never shared my estimation of his personal beliefs, he continues to tell me his feelings about mine. My opinion of myself is certainly not suffering, so his rantings are left without response. (With the occasional necessary, "Step off", when personally approached at family holidays.) His opinion, however, and others like his are given equal time when voting on the rights of both women and gay people, not only in his residing state, but also to help amend the Federal Constitution. Without our government defending equality for all, up to half the population is subjected to the exclusive assessments of others to determine their personal freedoms.

The civil rights movement in this country came when the white majority was not willing for African-Americans to have equal standing in society, but the blatant inequalities could no longer be defended. At what point did it matter if the majority agreed? At what point should it matter what a black family's white neighbor and his buddies' opinions are of them? Internal acts of terror from hate groups such as the KKK, to people who shoot doctors who perform abortion services, to the constant threat of violence for a woman or queer person in or out of doors is only fed by our own lack of guaranteeing their fundamental rights. If we not only promised equal rights, but upheld and enforced them as an integral part of our national fabric, we would not see this teeth gnashing when the high court in Massachusetts rules that it is clearly unconstitutional to treat people differently under the eyes of the law. Only by this old-line social construct is this justified, and these religiously-motivated practices do not change the reality of our democratic double standards. Extremism in this country is showing quite a regressive and, a suiting Philistine face to the world. We've already begun to see our allies turn and if we continue, the only part of the world we'll be dealing with are other extremists.

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